Venue : Carmarthen Leisure Centre, SA31 3NQ. 

Instructor : John Hallett

Grade : 5th Dan

Contact Number : 01267 267448

Times : 

Thursday 6.00 - 7.30pm

Location / Directions:
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Jon Hallett

Instructor Profile :

John started training in 1976 at the age of 16 and in the Bruce Lee heydays.

John lived in Newport, Gwent and even in a vast area like Newport where he struggled to find a club. He found out about a club in Magor near Coldicott and went along with a friend to start his karate venture. The club was affiliated to the K.U.G.B. John joined the club and trained regularly until in 1978 work forced him to move away to Aberystwyth.

As soon as John had settled in his accommodation he found another KUGB club which trained at the university.

In 1979 promotion with his work lead him to move to Cardiff.

Shortly after starting in his new position, a lady who he worked with told him that her brother, Selwyn Gould had a club in Cardiff so John naturally went along to train. The club was “The Rising Sun” in Canal Warf and was part of the old WKA which included sensei Ritchie Noblett and sensei Unel Wellington.

By now John was competing in competitions. John was selected to compete in Ireland with the WKA squad which was made up from The Rising Sun, Ken Bu Kan and Afon Lido. In that squad were well known competitors such as Andy Morgan, Paul Bird, Mopsey, Cedric Wellington, Ian Hill, Owen Sumner to name a few.

After training with the WKA for two years he had to make the difficult decision to move again. More promotion from his profession found John moving to Porthcawl.

In 1980 John met sensei Paul Watson from Bridgend and trained and there for a number of years. At that time the club was competing in various competitions nearly every week which enabled him to obtain many individual and team awards.

Unfortunately, once again John was forced to move, this time to London. For the next six years John travelled around a lot.

During this time John trained in various clubs and under respected sensei`s Durant, Nursey and Steve Miles.

John was awarded his shodan in 1984 under sensei Randal E.S.K.A. Soon after he moved to Aldershot and trained with sensei Rathbone and sensei Lee Gaininly. In 1986 John gained his 2nd dan with T.E.S.K.

Although the past six year were very difficult, not being able to settle down gave John the opportunity to attend courses with sensei’s Enoeda, Kanazawa and Steve Cattle.

John came back home to Wales in 1988 and in1990 moved to Carmarthen were he settled down and started a family.

A decade went by without John putting on his gi. However, 2000 and life beginning at 40 John had the urge to start back training. Firstly with a few different clubs in the area before joining Higashi in Carmarthen. This gave him the chance to train with shihan Spanton.

John wanted to start his own club so during 2004 he opened a club in Kidwelly and affiliated to the AMA. The club was a success but felt let down by the AMA.

John`s roots were with Shotokan and decided to try and trace his old sensei and friend Paul Watson. After some research and hunting, to his delight found he was still alive and kicking.

In late 2005 Jon and the Kidwelly club became part of the Welsh Karate Union. John stated that it is a pleasure to be involved with true and traditional karate people with honest values and complete respect for the art.

Since joining, John has becoming one of the WKU's senior instructors, he has continued to work hard to improve and develop his karate. John has achieved his 3rd Dan and in June 2011 attained his 4th Dan.


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