Venue :
Halo Life Centre, Angel St, Bridgend.

Instructor :
 Paul Watson 
Grade : 7th Dan 
Contact Number : 07786 933165 / 07773 989815

Times :
Tuesday 7.00pm - 8.00pm.
Thursday 7.30pm - 8.30pm.

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Paul WatsonLocation / Directions:

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Instructor Profile :

Paul started karate in October 1972 and was one of the founder members of the Bridgend Kyokushinkia Karate club and after only a few months took over as instructor. Two years later, in October 1974 Paul was invited to train with the Welsh All Styles squad by Mike O'Brien who was the Welsh national coach at that time. 

Paul said "I remember that first encounter with the squad as if it was yesterday. Kyokushinkia senior instructors always told me that Kyokushinkia was the strongest and best style of karate. So naturally I went along to the squad training thinking to myself I was going to show them a thing or two". Paul recalls at that session were Karateka like Von Johnson, Robert Taylor, Clayton Georges (Shotokan), Unel Wellington, Ritchie Noblett (Wado Ryu) just to name a few, what an introduction to other styles.

After realising Kyokushinkia was not necessarily the strongest or the best style of karate Paul started to travel to train with other clubs. Paul trained on a regular basis with Ritchie Noblett at the Afon Lido club in Port Talbot and Mike O'Brien, at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff. These two clubs had most of the Welsh squad training with them at that time. Obvious choices to improve his karate.

In December 1974 Paul was selected to represent Wales for the "Under 21 European Karate Championships" which was held in Germany.

In the following year Howard Collins, the senior Welsh Kyokushinkia instructor told Paul that if he continued to train with other styles he would have to consider leaving Kyokushinkia. As Paul was running a club and was representing Wales at the time he made a decision to join Mike O'Brien and license with the Karate Union of Great Britain and convert the Bridgend club to Shotokan. Paul still trained regularly with Ritchie Noblet, where he trained with the likes of Unel, Steven and Cedric Wellington, Roberto Masterangelli (Swede), Dave Afon Jones, Andy Morgan, Mopsey, Paul Bird and many other great fighters.

After his first selection to represent Wales in 1974 Paul went on to represent Wales at senior level on numerous occasions throughout the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's until his retirement from competition. Paul won many individual and team titles nationally and internationally. 
As an instructor Paul has helped many karateka to reach International level such as Adam Kinsella, Carl Prosser, Haydn James, Cath Havard, Phil Cooper, to name a few.

Paul is now the Chief Instructor of the Welsh Karate Union which is affiliated to Karate Wales - Governing Body.

Achievements : 
Welsh All Styles Under 21 International 
Welsh All Styles Senior International 
KUGB Welsh Team Member & Champion 
KUW Team and Individual Champion in 80's / 90's
European Silver Medallist
North Wales Team and Individual Winner 
Irish Open Champion 
Northern Ireland Champion 
Twice Welsh Open Team Kata Winner 
Welsh Open Tamashaware 
Welsh Open Knockdown Medalist 
And many other titles and honours.



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