Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my nearest Club

Please look at our Clubs section

What is the difference between styles of karate. 

All styles of Karate practice blocking, striking and kicking, but with different emphasis on range, speed and direction of techniques this association delivers shotokan karate.

What is the youngest age for children to start Karate. 
Insurance companies will not insure children under 5.  Clubs cannot therefore accept children under this age and some clubs will have their own minimum age - often around 7 or 8.

What will my children or I get out of karate if we start. 

As with everything in life, you get out what you put in.  The Welsh Karate Union through its strategically placed range of clubs only offers the opportunity and environment for development if you choose it.

How much does it cost to train within W.K.U. 

 Membership is £30, this covers association and governing body registration! insurance and subsidised courses & events. Training fees vary from club to club ranging from £3 - £5.

What insurance cover is provided by my licence. 

The licence provides member-to-member, public liability and Professional liability cover. A copy of the insurance.

How do I obtain/renew my licence with W.K.U. 

Ask your club instructor or association secretary.

When and where is the next course/championship/meeting etc. 

Look at our Calendar section.

How do I Affiliate my club/s to the W.K.U 
Email your details to us and we will send you an information pack.

I have had a break in training - do I need to re-grade. 
No, we usually honour your grade. However, if you have had a very long break from training it may be wise to come to an agreement with the instructor and wear a belt that you feel you are able to cope and feel comfortable with. Ask your instructor to help you return to the fitness, ability and standard in a sensible and safe way.

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