Honours and Qualifications

The Welsh Karate Union's continuous coaching and education programme, ensures our Dan grades remain to be among the highest qualified in Wales. Our commitment to our members through instruction, courses and competitions allows them all to achieve their own personal goals. Listed below are some of their achievements.


Association's Honours and Qualifications

Grades achieved within the WKU and currently licensed and training members of the WKU.

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Level 1/2 Coach Award

Coach Ins.

Sport Coach U.K. Child Protection Awareness Award

Sport Coach U.K. Long Term Athlete Devel-opment Award

Sport Coach U.K. Funda-mentals of Movement Award

Emergency First Aid Award

Disclosure & Barring Services Checked

Watson, Paul 7th Dan
Kinsella, AdamNow lives in Sydney, Australia 5th Dan              
Hallet, John 5th Dan    
Lloyd, Matthew 5th Dan            
Payter, Martin 5th Dan              
Paterson, Karl 4th Dan
Rowe, Gareth 4th Dan
Dodd, Simon  4th Dan            
Ockwell, Lee 3rd Dan                      
Richards, Andrew 3rd Dan                      
Kadim, Richard 3rd Dan              
Williams, Ryan 3rd Dan                            
Stuart, Kirsty 3rd Dan                  
Law, Steve 2nd Dan              
 Evans, Paul 2nd Dan               
Hinder, Ellie 2nd Dan               
Brettle, Robert

2nd Dan

Thomas, Darryl

2nd Dan


Lewis, Mike

2nd Dan





Scannell, Michael 1st Dan             
Dylan Davies 1st Dan              
Pugh, Matthew 1st Dan              
Bowen, Shannie 1st Dan              
Davies, Ffion 1st Dan              
Thomas, Darryl 1st Dan               
Williams, Daniel 1st Dan               
Hooper, Paul 1st Dan               
Jones, Rhys 1st Dan               
Gallagher, Lauren 1st Dan              
Bhanaut, Tanya 1st Dan              
Rowe, Ben 1st Dan              
Chappell, Gareth 1st Dan              
Gallagher, Ffion 1st Dan              


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