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Data Protection -

Under British Statutes we are not required to register with the Information Commissioners Office at this time. We regularly review the notification process and will register if and when the statute is changed or revised. Welsh Karate Union is committed to protection of your personal data, all data is processed and stored in a secure manner. Welsh Karate union hosting partner SupaNames provides 24/7 security to servers where data is kept including physical protection such as CCTV, On-Site staff and Biometric Entry. SupaNames also provides software protection in the form of firewalls, and 512bit encryption. For more details please read our privacy policy.

Acceptable Use -

Welsh Karate Union is to be used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use, Any thing which Welsh Karate Union deems unacceptable use of your account, or this web service can result in suspension from the service, or possibly legal proceedings if that is deemed appropriate.

Advertising -

We enforce a strict no unarranged advertising policy. We consider unsanctioned adverts a serious breach of our terms of service and will ban any organisation or person found to be posting unsanctioned adverts.

Copyrights and Ownership of Materials -

All data stored upon the Welsh Karate Union servers is copyright of Welsh Karate Union, unless otherwise stated. Any data, which you upload or willingly submit to Welsh Karate Union Server, becomes property and copyright of Welsh Karate Union. Copyright is enforced under the British Statutes and the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act along with any amendments.

Child Protection/ Vulnerable Adults-

Welsh Karate Union takes the protection of Children and vulnerable adults seriously, as such Welsh Karate Union.org with related services are designed to help parents and their children maintain a safe enjoyable environment for them on the internet.

If you feel these precautions are not adequate or have any other suggestions please contact a member of the Welsh Karate union management committee.

Changes to these Terms-

Welsh Karate Union can change these terms with 7 days notice on Welsh Karate Union.org; Additions can be made at any time without notice.

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