Equal Opportunities Statement

The Welsh Karate Union [W.K.U] in conjunction with Karate Wales Governing Body [K.W.] will promote good equal opportunities practice to ensure equal access to membership, qualifications, national representation and all further opportunities.

 In particular, it will endeavour to:

  • Take forward Welsh Karate promoting equal opportunities in both objectives and outcomes;
  • Determine monitoring and sampling methods and procedures in conjunction with representative organisations of and for people who may be discriminated against;
  • The W.K.U in conjunction with K.W. intends to work actively in partnership with others for the elimination of discrimination and the promotion of good practice, to ensure access to opportunities for all and meet the needs and requirements of the membership. In doing so it will:
  • Become aware of, and actively seek to eliminate, the effects of prejudice and discrimination resulting from racism, sexism, heterosexism, religious discrimination, ageism or ablism and the problems these pose.
  • Work on development which will promote equal opportunities and good practice in the objectives and outcomes,
  • Work to present all W.K.U material in accessible formats and language
  • Work to ensure that all those working with or for the W.K.U are fully aware of their responsibilities both in terms of this policy statement and the law,
  • Work to produce and disseminate as appropriate such materials and research as are necessary in the pursuance of this policy.







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