Anti-doping policy

The Welsh Karate Union

Anti-doping policy

The Welsh Karate Union considers that all karateka have the right to compete in an environment where all competitors are free from artificial enhancement of performance by pharmacological and physical means.

The Welsh Karate Union supports the aims of UKAD (UK Anti-Doping) and acknowledges WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) as the definitive body that determines banned substances and methods.

The Welsh Karate Union expects all its karateka, whether competitors or not, to observe the UKAD rules of anti-doping and expects them to comply with the regulations determined by UKAD relating to testing in sport, if and when the need arises for such testing to take place.

The Welsh Karate Union reserves the right to undertake anti-doping testing in accordance with UKAD policy at any of its competitions.

The Welsh Karate Union will offer assistance and advice on anti-doping matters to its members in order to encourage compliance with UKAD policies and rules, though ultimately the responsibility for adhering to these rules lies with the individual. These rules can be found at the following website:-

Information on banned substances and methods can be found at:-

The main UK Anti-Doping website is:-

Advice on various medications their constituents, alternative names and status can be found at:-

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