WKU Registration

WKU Registration

Welcome to the Welsh Karate Union registration portal. 

Members of the WKU are required to have a valid license and insurance to ensure safe practice of karate. All new members are required to sign up on the day of the first lesson (or as close to as possible).

On the sign up form, please select the option for WKU License and Membership (£30) where you will be asked to setup the annual direct debit. You will have a 14 day free trial before the payment is taken, so if you do not wish to continue with the WKU within this time frame please inform your club instructor so that the subscription and your account can be closed. 

We offer a discounted membership fee for families of 3 or more. If this applies to you, please select the family susbcription plan required on one student, then select 'FREE' for the other family members. Ensure all members have the same Next of Kin listed as subscription is determined by this email address. If a parent is also a training WKU member, they should create their own account first and then be set as Primary Next of Kin for the other family members.




For any queries please contact Simon Dodd on 07917441138 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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