Born Fighter

Sensei Dave Hazard

‘Born Fighter’  

Dave Hazard is a legend in the world of Shotokan Karate. In this, his long-awaited autobiography, he writes candidly about the events in his life and the people who have helped shape him into the man he is today. Beginning with the lessons he learned, particularly from his Mum, whilst growing up in the East End of London, Dave goes  on  to talk  about:

  • His first Karate lesson – and his time at the Blackfriars dojo His relationship with Eneoda Sensei – his guide and mentor for thirty years Failing his first ever grading – and the reasons why he never failed again Fighting in the KUGB Nationals and as part of the national team Living and training in Japan – particularly his time in the infamous ‘Hornet’s Nest’, the JKA Instructors class, training alongside such greats as Osaka, Sensei, Iida Sensei, Tabata Sensei and Tanaka Sensei Regular sparring sessions with Yahara Sensei Why Master Nakayama was a giant and a genius His first meeting with Stan Schmidt SenseiLearning to become a Sensei in his own right His relationship with Mick Dewey Establishing his famous Brighton Dojo and, later, the Academy of Shotokan Karate
  • His attitudes and approach to training and combat.


However, this is far more than just a Karate book.  Dave is as well known in the tough streets, bars and clubs of the East End of London as he is in the best Karate dojo. In chapters with such headings as ‘A room full of Daves, a box of chocolates and a sawn-off shotgun’,  ‘I’ll end up on Death Row and you’ll fly home to your palace!’, and ‘If you want to fight him, you’ve got to fight me first’, Dave shares many of his adventures and experiences of  real fighting. He also talks openly about his personal life, his family, friends, loves and losses, and the private battles he continues to face. Whilst some of the material may not be suitable for youngsters, many of the stories are told with great humour as Dave’s natural gift for story-telling shines through on every page. 

Born Fighter is Dave Hazard’s humorous, insightful, inspiring, violent and occasionally tragic story.  Above all else, it is unflinchingly honest – and through Dave’s honesty we are reminded that the greatest battle we all face is with ourselves. This book is one of the most exciting and most anticipated books of the year. Order your copy (£17.99 - Hardback) online or instore from WHSMITH, WATERSTONES or most other good book stores to ensure that  you read the autobiography of one of the greatest living Martial Artists in the World. If the stores are not in stock, then don't forget to order it to be sure you purchase what will soon be a collectable 1st edition of this superb book.

ISBN: 9781844544806



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