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The Welsh Karate Union’s aim is to promote the sound physical and mental development of its members through the study of Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do but also with a modern and realistic approach. The Association was formed in 1995 by sensei Paul Watson 7th Dan, who is one of Wales' most respected and experienced instructors.

When forming the W.K.U. sensei Watson felt that there needed to be an environment that would allow both himself and every participating individual to personally evolve their knowledge and awareness for Shotokan Karate-Do. The W.K.U. is recognised as having one of the highest standards of karate in Wales.

The association has, and is still growing at a controlled rate ensuring the continued quality of instruction based on developing each individual and supported by an extremely experienced team of Senior Instructors. 

The W.K.U. offers something for everyone and aims to fulfil their needs.

The W.K.U has a continuous coaching and education development programme to ensure our instructors remain to be among the highest qualified instructors in Wales.

Return to Sport Guidance Update (July 2021)


We are pleased to inform you that the Return to Sport guidelines have been updated based on the Welsh Parliament Alert Level rules and the move to Alert Level 1. 

While the pandemic is still ongoing, and we are still operating under restrictions, we are now able to expand our practices in a safe manner. Please refer to the Covid-19 Guidance section at the top of the website to download the latest edition. 

Instructors, please pay attention to pg.10 for the current Alert Level 1 practices permitted. You should update you risk assessments accordingly and provide these to your students and venues. 





Hi everyone, 

We are able to restart training in Bridgend as from Tuesday 15th September 7:00-8:00 in studios 1 & 2 (upstairs) and Thursdays in the bowls hall 7:30-8:30.

You must enter and leave the bowls hall via the ramp door, which is at the rear of the building.


Due to Covid we ALL MUST follow the Welsh Government guidelines and any other as required by Halo Management.

Failure to follow these procedures will result in the club being suspended from using the centre.


Basic guidelines that we all must follow:-

Below are some of the measures will ALL need to follow returning to training.

  1. Safe Entry and exit to the dojo....maintaining social distancing. That is clearly marked and orderly entry and exit.
  2. You must be fit and well to come to the club. You may be asked simple health check questions on arrival.
  3. Register of those attending, with clear and up to date contact details (should there be an issue. contact and trace will be required).
  4. License must be valid.
  5. People  to arrive  in their Gi’s  as it is unlikely changing rooms will  be available. There is a requirement to pre-book sessions due to limited number allowed. (Text, Email, Phone).
  6. Training in sports shoes is recommended instead of bare feet.
  7. Gi, or training clothes to be cleaned between sessions.
  8. Marked individual training spaces, if not possible spatial awareness must be adhered to.
  9. All those entering and leaving to use sterile cleaning gel (clubs may need to provide).
  10. No sharing of equipment.
  11. Cleaning of any areas between classes.
  12. Minimal Kiai (karate shout) as shouting risks projecting droplets over a wider space.
  13. Correct ventilation ... open all windows where possible and as appropriate.
  14. Training fees to be put in an envelope with students name.
  15. No contact training at this time.
  16. All Safe Guarding protocols to remain in place.
  17. Face mask must be worn in all public areas in the venue. Masks can be removed during training but has to be replaced on leaving the dojo.

Covid policy, Risk Assessment and other advice will be on the WKU website.

A lot of work by myself and especially Simon Dodd has helped make this return to training possible.

I would appreciate everyone’s cooperation during the ongoing situation.

 In the meantime, keep safe and keep those around you safe. 

Sensei Paul.





I have spoken to Sensei Hazard and with regret we have agreed that due to the coronavirus situation it is in everyone's best interest that the scheduled course be cancelled. I assume many of you guessed this was going to be the case.

I and Sensei Hazard give our apologies, we are sure you will all understand.

We will reschedule the course once things get back to some sort of normality.

Yours in the true spirit of karate,




A WKU Course and Dan grading was held on 19th October. The course was attended by most of our senior grades to support those who underwent the Dan grading.

Those who passed their grading showed true karate spirit of an excellent standard.

Gareth Chappell, Ffion Gallagher 1st Dan and Kirsty Stuart attaining her 3rd Dan.



WKU Win World Medals 

Three members of the Welsh Karate Union were part of a highly successful Karate Wales squad which competed in the 8th World Union of Karate-do Federations World Championships held in Bratislava, Slovakia. The tournament was held from the 20th to 23rd of June and was one of the largest events that WUKF have hosted with roughly 2600 competitors taking part.

Lauren Gallagher, Gareth Rowe and Ffion Davies brought home four medals between them with Lauren and Gareth being crowned World Champions!

Lauren won gold in the 18-20 years under 55kg kumite category, scoring her winning two points with an exceptional Ura-mawash to take the title. Gareth won gold in the 51-60 years open weight kumite. The medal haul was further boosted by Lauren also winning silver in the 18-20 years open weight kumite and Ffion taking a bronze in the 14-15 years open weight kumite. A note here, Ffion and the eventual winner Sasha Hughes (Wattstown) were the stand-out fighters in this category. Unfortunately they met in the semi-finals with Sasha narrowly winning out what would have been a great final.

All of our competitors were superbly supported by Hugh 'Supercoach' Gallagher who guided them through their events.

The Karate Wales squad came home with 17 medals in total, including seven golds, and finished a very creditable 14th in the medal table out of 83 countries. 

 Gareth PodiumLaren PodiumFfion and Sasha





Congratulations to Simon Dodd on attaining his 4th Dan and John Hallett and Matthew Lloyd their 5th Dans.

Simon has trained and hardly missed a session in twenty years and thoroughly deserves the rank for his dedication and high proficiency in karate. Simon has won many awards whilst competing and is probably the WKU's most knowledgable instructor.

John has practiced for nearly 40 years despite having some serious injuries and physical problems which would have ended most individuals karate yet he never mentions or complains about it.

Matthew started at the age of 8 which makes his participation for over 35 years.

John and Matthew have won numerous Kumite and Kata titles and still compete in senior and veteran categories at major tournaments, they too have reached the extremely high standard required by the WKU which is among the top associations in Wales.






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