The Welsh Karate Union have now joined forces with some of Wales’ longest-standing and respected Instructors and Coaches, in a mutual desire to give Wales' young Karate competitors a platform to develop their talents.

We are proud to be swapping ideas on how best to give our members optimum competitive opportunities with many of the most experienced and successful figures in Welsh Karate.

Chief Instructors and Coaches we like, respect, admire and trust.

The Welsh Karate League is a completely fresh, innovative initiative. 

It involves a series of tournaments, held at regular intervals throughout the year, aimed at giving our youngsters a chance to compete in a friendly but competitive and professionally run environment, to make new friends and to develop the experience and skills to go on and find success at Wales’ premier events: the WKGB Welsh Championships and beyond.

As well as delivering quality competitions, the League format gives the competitors both short-term and longer-term challenges, and akin to mainstream sports; The League has a fixture list of the competitions ahead.

We are already witnessing impressive development from youngsters who are, for the first time, getting the opportunity to compete at quality competitions in Wales on an almost monthly basis.

The Welsh Karate League is a great opportunity to develop Grass Roots Karate in Wales, the Welsh Karate Union is grasping the opportunity eagerly.

click here to visit the Welsh Karate League website.

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